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Striped Abisko Tents : B Assortment. Different Look, Same Functionality.

A portion of the fabric used for our Abisko tent range was affected during the dyeing process, causing a
striping affect that is visible when the tent is set up.

Tried & Tested
The tents have been rigorously to ensure that the coating quality of the fabric was not affected by the
striping, including:

  • Lab testing with SGS results showed no weakness
  • 6 weeks of field testing results showed no weakness in strength or quality

"B Assortment" Distribution
The tents might look different, but they are still built for a lifetime of use. Unnecessarily disposing of them
would be a waste of future adventures.

Unique Opportunity
The opportunity to get a high quality Fjallraven tent at a price point does not come around very often,
and is even better when it means supporting a sustainable supply chain.

Is the look of the tent affected: YES, but it varies. Some are only mildly affected, some much more so.
Is functionality of the tent affected: NO, the performance of the tent is not affected. We have tested with
SGS in a lab and Field test.

Different look. Same Functionality.
This tent has unusual striping on the fabric that makes it look different, but it has been rigorously tested and shows no functional weakness. It is still built for a lifetime of use, so why waste it?

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